First and second doses per 100 people
First and second doses per 100 people Credit: Michael Josem

Sadly, after two consecutive weeks of administering over 4,000 doses on the Isle of Man, the number of doses administered locally this week fell to 2,972. As a result, the Isle of Man remains well behind our neighbours in the United Kingdom and the Crown Dependencies.

This chart shows vaccine doses administered to the 7th of March in the United Kingdom and the Crown Dependencies of Isle of Man and Guernsey. Data for Jersey is a week behind, and has only been updated to the week ending 28 February 2021.

Back on Wednesday 27th January, the Isle of Man Government falsely claimed that they didn’t “believe that our [vaccine] programme is behind” – but also that we will “catch up” by the end of the week ending 7th February1. Their prediction of catching up has turned out to be false, as the Isle of Man remains far behind our British peers.

As of Sunday 7 March, the Isle of Man has administered 29.8 doses per 100 people. England has administered 34.9 doses per 100 people, Wales has administered 37.1, ahead of Northern Ireland (33.0) and Scotland (34.3). The three EU nations have administered from 9.5 doses per 100 people (Ireland) to 11.3 (Iceland) to 20.3 (Malta).

Australia and New Zealand have now started deploying vaccines. They followed the scientific advice to prioritise the vaccinations of border staff, but are a long way behind Europe.

One dose or two?

The percentage of the population to have at least one dose is here:

How is the Isle of Man going over time

Here is a chart showing the number of newly vaccinated people to have received their first dose each week.

Can I download the chart?

Sure, you can download it from the online spreadsheet I created in various formats such as PNG and SVG.


The sources are all linked in the underlying spreadsheet, along with all the numbers, dates of when the data was updated, and the relevant calculations.

Why do you make graphs?

I find it interesting, and my skill in life seems to be in communicating complicated technical data in a way that is understandable by the public. Back before modern social media was a thing, I made a chart which clearly showed cheating taking place in an online poker site. That graph went “viral” before that was a common word, and I was subsequently hired by PokerStars and moved to the Isle of Man.

Copyright & Open Science

In the interests of open and transparent science, I’m freely licensing the chart in accordance with the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license.

Who paid you for this?

No one. But if you’d like to send me money, feel free.

Errors or feedback?

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  1. Of course, they’re just political actors trying to defend themselves. It’s absurd to simultaneously say we are not behind but also aim to catch up