Aimee Cringle looks to become the UK’s ‘fittest’ person in the CrossFit world. Photo: Pete Williams Credit: Pete Williams

Patrick Blennerhassett of the South China Morning Post has written about the Isle of Man’s Aimee Cringle and her aspirations to become the fittest woman in these Isles:

Off the western coast of England in the Irish Sea lies a tiny island called Isle of Man. Known for its rugged scenery, picturesque cliffs, stormy waters and wild countryside, the self-governing island is also home to one of the area’s up-and-coming CrossFit stars…

“I think it will require patience,” said 21-year-old Cringle about the one asset she will need the most to achieve the title [of fittest woman in the UK]. “CrossFit is a very intricate profession and rushing perfection can lead to a whole host of other problems further down the line.”

CrossFit: can Isle of Man’s Aimee Cringle become the UK’s next big thing?

There is a certain irony to a Hong Kong newspaper not getting the constitutional relationship between the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man quite right – but this is a sport story.