The International Chess Federation (FIDE) has recognised the Isle of Man Chess Association as an affiliated organisation in recognition of the Isle’s contribution to chess, including what promises to be one of the world’s major chess tournaments next year. The vote, which took place online earlier today, saw 107 votes in favour and just 4 against (with a further 4 abstentions).

The Isle of Man’s status as “affiliated organisation” is below that of full “member organisation”, which is generally dependent on recognition by the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee. Despite this, other regions that are not recognised by the UN and the IOC as independent nations, such as Taiwan and the constituent nations of the United Kingdom, are full members of FIDE.

In applying for the Isle of Man Chess Association to become an affiliate organisation, Howard Dobson, the Chairman of the Isle of Man Chess Association wrote:

Isle of Man’s international status is essentially no different to (and no weaker than) that of certain existing FIDE members such as England, Scotland and Wales. Despite this fact, we reluctantly accept that Article 9.4 of the FIDE Charter currently prevents Isle of Man from becoming a member federation because we are not recognised by the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee

In making the positive case for the Isle of Man, Mr Dobson wrote:

In 2019, our chess friends and colleagues at IOM International Chess Limited successfully organised the FIDE Grand Swiss Tournament as part of the FIDE World Championship Cycle. Futhermore, they recently won the bid to host the 2021 Grand Swiss and the Women’s Grand Swiss. In light of this, plus Isle of Man’s history of hosting high class international Swiss events extending back to the early 1990s, we believe that it is important that FIDE should acknowledge Isle of Man’s status in the chess world, instead of viewing us as part of England.

Header photo by Rob, used under Creative Commons license.

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