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An excellent and well-balanced podcast:

In this conversation, host Tamara Winter and Ronan Lyons, Associate Professor in Economics at Trinity College Dublin, discuss Ireland’s economic development, the current challenges facing would-be homeowners and renters in Dublin, and the time the biggest concern in the Irish housing market was too much supply.

B-side: Interview with Ronan Lyons

The changing face of Manx households means that we simply do not have enough suitable housing for young people on the Isle of Man. People are getting married later, divorced earlier, with fewer children, more working from home, and changing expectations, causing the current housing crisis.

This podcast discusses the issue in Ireland in significant detail, where they have many of the same problems – and some additional problems too!

Building better and more modern housing on the Isle of Man would be good for the environment, help create more jobs for people who work with their hands, and help build a prosperous future for young Manx families. Unfortunately, too many vested interests protect the incumbent duopolies – knowingly or not.

This podcast provides more good arguments about how we can overcome this challenge for the betterment of our nation.