Improving our health, physically and mentally
Improving our health, physically and mentally

Supporting local health care

Our island can never be fully self-sufficient for health services. However, we can make more services available locally through investment in local facilities. This will reduce the stress of travel for short consultations with doctors. Of course, when expert treatment is needed off-island, it should still be made available.

Protecting universally accessible treatment

Every person on the Isle of Man must have access to our nation’s health service. Our health service must not be privatised.

Attracting high-quality staff and services

We need to build a high-quality service here in the Isle of Man. The new Manx Care CEO has spoken about challenges in providing career progression for elite medical staff in a relatively small community. Creating development opportunities is key.

Cutting mental health waiting lists

We need to address the shadow pandemic of mental health. It is alarming how many people in our community have been affected by mental illness, especially through the three lockdowns.  Our island’s current Mental Health Act is dangerously out of date, and Manx Care have advised that if the Act is not updated soon, it will put reciprocal agreements at risk.

The first budget of the new administration must include increased support for mental health, including introducing detox inpatient beds to Manx Care. Waiting times for acute (emergency) treatment have been reported as being up to two years, with similarly dire delays for long-term treatment.

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