Hop Tu Naa is a special time of year on the Isle of Man, with many people – especially children – celebrating a Manx tradition. One thing that makes this holiday even more delightful is the treats we share. But before you rush to buy cheap chocolate, you might want to consider choosing quality treats for Hop Tu Naa:

1. Savor the Flavor:

When you opt for high-quality chocolates and candies, you’re in for a real treat. The rich, indulgent flavors will make your Hop Tu Naa celebrations even more enjoyable. It’s like a burst of happiness in your mouth!

2. Show You Care:

Hop Tu Naa is a time for sharing and showing your love to family and friends. By choosing quality treats, you’re telling them that you care enough to give them something special. It’s a way to make the occasion more meaningful.

3. Support Local Businesses:

On the Isle of Man, we have some fantastic local chocolatiers and sweet shops. Buying quality treats from them not only tastes better but also supports our local economy. It’s a win-win!

4. Avoid Disappointments:

Cheap chocolates may look tempting with their low price tags, but they often leave you disappointed – a smaller, better, taste is superior to a bigger, poorer, taste. Cheap chocolate might taste bland or have strange textures. Don’t risk ruining your Hop Tu Naa experience with subpar sweets.

5. Create Lasting Memories:

Hop Tu Naa memories are made not just by the costumes and games but also by the delicious treats. High-quality treats can become a cherished part of your Hop Tu Naa traditions, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Michael Josem is a long-term consumer advocate, most prominently as a global leader in combating fraud in the online gambling industry. He was in part the inspiration for the 20th Century Fox Movie, Runner Runner, starring Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake.

Josem has over a decade of experience as a senior business leader working across various high-tech and online industries, and takes action to build a better community. His primary volunteer roles include service for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and Graih, the homelessness charity.