Gef and 3FM have reported this excellent news:

Manx Telecom has announced it is working with Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation to arrange for defibrillators to be installed in a number of payphone kiosks around the island that are being taken out of service.

The company is responding to the appeal by the Foundation for more defibrillators to be available following the recent cardiac arrest suffered by Danish footballer Christian Eriksen during a Euro 2020 match.

Exact locations will be decided in conjunction with the Foundation and the island’s ambulance service but will involve several of the payphone kiosks recently identified for decommissioning. 

Phone Boxes to House Defibrillators

Currently, there is no public map of where publicly-available defibrillators are located on the Isle of Man. As the candidate for Douglas East, I want to see this improved, so that there is a publicly available registration and mapping service of defibrillators on our island.