Reuters reports:

Jekta Switzerland SA, an electric-seaplane manufacturer, said on Tuesday it received its first order, a letter of intent for 10 planes from Dubai-based broker Gayo Aviation and Tourism, amid a global effort to lower emissions.

Jekta’s electric-motor PHA-ZE 100 will generate zero emissions, according to the company.

Gayo intends to use the planes for sustainable luxury travel and transport to remote areas, Gayo Chairman Gisle Dueland told Reuters. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but large combustion-engine seaplanes can sell for over $1 million.

Swiss electric seaplane startup gets first order

Robb Report quotes from the company at greater length about the use case here:

…an all-electric amphibious plane that can land on water, helping shuttle commuters across archipelagoes and transport tourists to remote spots while generating less pollution than traditional gas-powered aircraft.

“Suddenly, areas that were difficult to reach or had limitations due to ecological regulations are accessible,” George Alafinov, CEO of Switzerland-based Jekta, tells Robb Report.

The PHA-ZE 100 (Passenger Hydro Aircraft Zero Emission 100) will be able to cruise up to 100 miles at 10,000 feet when customers begin taking delivery in late 2028, according to Alafinov.

This New All-Electric Seaplane Will Fly You to Your Private Island With Zero Emissions

This is the sort of vehicle that could revolutionise transport to and from the Isle of Man: fast and efficient transport to the adjacent Isle. The International Council on Clean Transportation said in July, “While electric aircraft will be limited to small and short-range passenger aircraft, their higher energy efficiency, lower carbon intensity, and zero-emission operations merit their adoption to their maximum potential. Electric aircraft can service short routes and provide zero-emission flights soon. They can reduce carbon emissions on replaceable routes by as much as 95% and would eliminate direct air pollution from aviation.”

Small and short-range passenger aircraft are exactly what the Isle of Man needs: flights from IOM to Dublin, Liverpool and Manchester.

You can see the different possible seating configurations online here.

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