To my mind, there are three sorts of good burgers: simple burgers, balanced burgers and more fancy, complicated burgers.  Bleecker St is clearly in the simple burger – not because it is simplistic, or because it is lacking, but because it narrows the burger focus squarely on where it should be. 

In a simple burger, the focus is squarely upon the bread, the meat, and maybe a couple of other ingredients: and Bleecker St renders a burger patty that is vibrant, vivid, and wonderfully buttery.

That buttery burger patty creates such a uniquely, and wonderfully, trademark Bleecker St flavour, significantly more juicy than just about any other burger offering in these Isles. The rendered fats drip onto your paper tray as you enjoy this burger, juicy goodness literally falling out of the burger as you eat it. 

Bleecker St probably offers the best simple burger in London. Go eat it, along with a side of angry sweet potato fries.

Bleecker St Double Cheeseburger