The UK’s Telegraph newspaper reports on Ballakermeen High School promoting extremist political views to the detriment of women’s rights:

Secondary school children have been told that gender self-identification is a “major step forward”.

Ballakermeen High School, one of five schools for pupils aged 11 to 16 on the Isle of Man, published an “LGBTQ+ newsletter” on its website, which was backed by two teachers.

School hits children with ‘political propaganda’ on gender self-ID

Gender self-identification is the extremely unpopular policy which was recently blocked in Scotland after concerns by both Conservative and Labour UK leaders that “the bill will have an “adverse impact” on UK-wide equalities law and risks to the safety of women. “[efn_note]Rishi Sunak blocks Scotland’s gender recognition legislation[/efn_note]. Women’s rights advocates in the USA and the UK long have opposed efforts “to erase the biological definition of sex” under gender self-identification laws.

School failed to provide balanced viewpoint on risk to women

Women have described gender self-identification laws as destroying women’s rights. Critics of gender self-identification “have raised concerns about the impact it could have on single sex spaces such as women’s refuges and prisons,” with fears that some men might abuse such rules to abuse and victimise women. The school newsletter failed to provide a balanced consideration on the risk to women from gender self-identification.

According to the Telegraph:

The four-page guide featured a colour-coded map showing “how human rights-compliant legal gender recognition procedures are in Europe and Central Asia”.

Countries with a dark red shade allowed full self-determination of gender, while those with lighter shades required a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Those not shaded, including the UK, did not allow self-identification at all.

But students were told: “The darker the colour, the better!”

School hits children with ‘political propaganda’ on gender self-ID

Tanya Carter, from the Safe Schools Alliance, was reported by the Telegraph as saying, “We are disturbed to see yet more political propaganda being aimed at children by their schools… This school is showing absolutely no understanding about the conflict between ‘trans’ demands for self-ID and the rights of women and girls, particularly those who are same-sex attracted.”

Manx Media Silence

The supposed non-partisan and allegedly independent Isle of Man Government and local corporate media outlets often promote news coverage about the Isle of Man which arises in national and global media outlets. Two days after publication by the Telegraph, no Isle of Man Government social media channel, nor any Isle of Man corporate media outlet appears to have highlighted this national story.

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The material being distributed by Ballakermeen High School is reproduced without permission in full below.

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