Many people are concerned about reducing carbon emissions, and it is likely that some combination of electric and hydrogen cars will help to reduce carbon emissions in the future.

Electric cars are currently typically more expensive than their petrol-driven equivalents. I suspect that we will see large-scale electrification of our cars as they become cheaper: as the open market generates more creative solutions to the various engineering challenges, prices will likely fall. As prices fall, they will likely sell more.

Hence, this USD5,000 (£3,636) electric motorcycle called the Metacycle (by Sondor) might move a whole lot of people from petrol/diesel engines. With enough range to do two full laps of the TT track, it is likely to be viable for many people to use locally.

The Metacycle sports a top speed of 80 mph (130 km/h) thanks to its chunky 8 kW nominal and 14.5 kW peak rear hub motor.

The removable 4,000 Wh battery is rated for a range of 80 miles (130 km).

SONDORS unveils affordable 80 mph electric motorcycle

While this specific model is unlikely to be available in the Isle of Man anytime soon, competitors are likely to change the look of our roads sooner than we might otherwise expect.