Emily Morgan from Parade Pets writes:

Get ready for a dose of fuzzy goodness because I just stumbled upon the cutest TikTok ever featuring pet alpacas on a fast-food adventure! As you’ll see, these adorable fluffy creatures are living the high life as they cruise through the Raising Cane’s drive-thru like total pros. Move over ordinary pets because these alpacas bring a new level of charm to the fast-food scene!

Alpacas’ Trip to the Drive-Thru Has Fast-Food Workers Delighted

Yahoo!Life writes on the same story:

It’s always adorable when people share videos of their pets going through fast food drive-thru windows. Especially when the fast food workers get excited to see them. Most of the time it’s dogs or cats, so we are sure these Raising Cane’s employees were pretty shocked to see some rather large visitors driving through their establishment!

Woman Rolls Up To Fast-Food Joint to Get Her Backseat Alpacas a Snack

Tag @Raising Cane’s and @Post Malone in the comments! Who would have thought alpacas could be such hit at the Raising Canes Layton, UT drive through?! We had a blast surprising everyone with our adorable companions, named Macaroni and Cheese! Macaroni and Cheese loved the hospitality of the crew and especially the lettuce. 🥬 Where should we visit next? #peppergrassranch #raisingcanes #raisingcanesutah #postmaloneraisingcanes #drivethrough #unexpected #unexpectedguest #alpacas #alpacasoftiktok #utahtok #utah #utahfun #utahlocal #utahlocalbusiness

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