Holiday Harmony is due to launch in the USA, later today:

However, the real star of the show is reportedly a herd of adorable alpacas.

Sonoma News reports:

The film happens to have an alpaca subplot, which is where Andrè and Yas Castro came in.

According to Yas, her cousin, who knew director Shaun Paul Piccinino, recommended their alpacas for the part.

After seeing photos of all the farm’s alpacas, Pedro and Napoleon, the two snowy, all-white animals, where selected — Pedro as the star and Napoleon as his understudy.

Andrè borrowed his neighbor’s horse trailer, and drove the pair over to Petaluma for two full days of shooting over three weeks.

There was a pen onsite for the two alpacas to rest during their off-screen times, and Napoleon only manged to escape once.

“They were very curious,” Andrè said. “I would say Napoleon was the one that was a little more stressed.”

Sonoma’s Lavendar BnB Farm’s alpacas to premiere in Christmas movie ‘Holiday Harmony’ with Brooke Shields