Flooding at Glen Road, Laxey (not Tromode)
Flooding at Glen Road, Laxey (not Tromode) Credit: Leah Brooks Credit: Leah Brooks

Alf Caine’s comments on the risk of flooding in Tromode.

Fears over Flooding at Tromode

Alf Caine, owner of Castleward Farm, invites members of the media to view the devastation caused to the River Glass as a result of years of neglect by the Government. A worried and frustrated Mr Caine, who evidenced his claims with hundreds of photographs and copies of communications with Government, has resorted to the media after years of dealing with politicians and civil servants who appear to have no interest or concern for the Island’s rivers.

“Despite being proud of its status as UNESCO Biosphere there seems to be little attempt to preserve the Island’s natural beauty and environment. Throughout the IOM it is clear that there is a lack of basic maintenance, Government seems more interested in new projects than preserving existing assets. The dead fish found in Groudle are a consequence of insufficient oversight of our important resources.”

The River Glass is one of many examples where pollution and lack of basic care and attention has led to a significant reduction in the fish and other wildlife present. “In addition to the sad consequences for the natural environment I have a real fear for the safety of people especially those with properties in the Tromode area, because of flooding, which could be worse than that recently experienced in Laxey and that of the 2015 Tromode flood, People living /working in the Tromode area would be particularly vulnerable if the Tromode Bridge became blocked because of a catastrophic release of the debris which the DOI allows to build up in the area of Castleward farm” said Alf Caine.

Despite many attempts to involve politicians and officials there have been no attempts to resolve the issues and Alf Caine has now reached  the end of his tether.

Hartford Homes plans to build 328 new homes plus other buildings in Braddan, the surface water from which will be released into the River Glass, further polluting the water and endangering wildlife. The IOM prides itself in its natural beauty and aspires to develop its tourist industry. Both are compromised by poor strategies, ill considered planning consents and lack of adequate policies regarding affordable housing for Manx People.

For your information I have attached (Doc14 Alf Caine Press Release) a Statement from Clucas Plc the Owners of Tromode Estate, together with images of the River Glass and Tromode flooding of 2015.

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