Dear Neighbour,

Our community plan has been built together by many local residents: people starting out in life, families juggling the pressures of work and children, and residents living on fixed incomes. Our manifesto is based on several core principles:

  • Improving government services by holding senior government officials accountable
  • Easing the squeeze on the cost of living, especially by fixing our housing crisis
  • Recovering from COVID-19 by addressing the health and economic challenges caused by lockdowns

My website here at has more details of these policies.

Growing up as a child, my father impressed on me a simple rule: every human is deserving of equal dignity. That’s why I’m proud to launch our manifesto for all of us in several accessible formats below. Written (in pdf), Audio (in mp3 and ogg), and Video (mp4 and YouTube with subtitles too). This is in addition to printed copies on 100% FSC-certified paper which will be distributed to registered Douglas East households.

As a volunteer for many different community groups, I am grateful to have built a strong track record of serving our community and will take that to the next level as our representative in Tynwald. Combined with my experience as a business leader, this will help me to be our community’s voice to the government, not the government’s voice to us.

Let’s work together so our island will stand strong whichever way we are thrown. Join us with your vote on 23 September.


  • Hard copy published on 100% FSC-certified paper, and distributed to registered households in Douglas East
  • Online electronically in Portable Document Format (PDF):


Video, both embedded above, and also on YouTube. You can download the mp4 video file to watch offline if you wish.


The manifesto is available in audio in both the widely available MP3 format and the free and open Flac/Ogg Vorbis format:


Flac/Ogg Vorbis:

Technical Assistance

Much of the content has also been published previously on my website here in formats that are compatible with mainstream screen readers.

Most of these files can be opened in modern web browsers natively. If that does not work for you, the video and audio files can generally be accessed using VLC media player, a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files.

Adobe publishes a free (closed source) reader for PDF files which you can download here. It is available for several different computing platforms, including many mobile and desktop devices.


If you are a resident of Douglas East and require other accommodations to access our manifesto for all of us, please contact me anytime:



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