Isle of Man Airport
Isle of Man Airport Credit: Michael Josem

Who has been spreading fake news? Was the BBC and Manx Radio spreading fake news? Or was the Chief Minister spreading fake news?

My emphasis in each of the quotes below.

According to the BBC on 1 March:

Russian aircraft and ships have been banned from entering the Isle of Man’s borders, the chief minister has said.

Ukraine conflict: Isle of Man bans Russian planes and ships

According to Manx Radio on 1 March:

Manx airspace and all Isle of Man ports have been closed to all Russian aircraft and ships until further notice.

Manx airspace and ports closed to Russian aircraft and ships

However, according to the Isle of Man Government earlier today, on 14 March:

These Regulations also impose new aircraft sanctions against Russia.  The measures include –

* prohibiting Russian aircraft from overflying or landing in the Isle of Man;

* powers for the UK Secretary of State, air traffic control and airport operators to issue directions for the purpose of preventing Russian aircraft from entering Isle of Man airspace, landing in the Isle of Man, or requiring aircraft to leave Isle of Man airspace;

* power for the Department for Enterprise to refuse, suspend or revoke permissions in respect of Russian aircraft;

* prohibition of registration of aircraft on the register maintained by the Department for Enterprise (Isle of Man Aircraft Registry) where the aircraft is owned, operated or chartered by sanctioned persons.

Sanctions: Russia

Last week, after being able to find no official statement of aircraft sanctions, I raised concerns:

Did both the BBC and ManxRadio get the reporting wrong? Or did the Chief Minister wrongly claim that this was implemented two weeks ago, when it was only implemented today?

Who was spreading fake news here?