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A story over the last week has shown the absurdity of local bureaucracy and poorly drafted laws: Sue Blythes and her husband live here in the Isle of Man. Blythes wanted to purchase a dog across in England, so sought advice from the Isle of Man Government about the proper procedure for isolation on her return. Blythes claims to have received a written direction notice from the IOM Government which she says allowed her to isolate with her husband on her return with her new dog.

So, she travelled across to England, picked up the dog, and immediately returned to the Isle of Man. On her return, she was told that the direction notice was wrong, and Blythes claims that she was threatened with deportation1:

After the video above, Blythes was isolating in her home, and her husband was living in their motorhome. This is pretty awful in itself – I do not understand why the husband was not able to opt-in to the testing regime and isolated with his wife.

The story gets more absurd now: the Blythes were advised that if they both now left the Isle of Man, they would be able to return to the island and isolate together! So, they did:

Throughout much of this pandemic, the legacy politicians at the Isle of Man Government have sought to hide behind secret “science” to justify their policies and procedures. If any science justifies this absurdity, it should be published. Otherwise, we can safely assume that this is driven by petty politics instead of real science.

  1. I don’t understand how someone can be deported away from their home