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An excellent article from Wirecutter, owned by the New York Times, on smart home devices to help people with disability and mobility needs:

Smart-home devices can sometimes feel almost magical. They allow you to turn on lights without having to touch a switch, answer the front door from your bedroom (or a hotel room), and tweak your thermostat with a simple voice command. For many people, those capabilities are a convenience or a luxury. But for those who live with accessibility challenges, smart-home technology can be a powerful enabler, one that allows them to live a more independent and empowered life. Todd Stabelfeldt, CEO of C4 Database Management, is a quadriplegic and an avid smart-home user. As he puts it, “Convenience for you is independence for me.”

These Smart Home Devices Can Enhance Independence for People With Disabilities and Mobility Needs

If you, or someone you know, has specific needs, this guide might be helpful. I’ve found their reviews in other areas to be very reliable and credible.