Mobile Phone: OnePlus

You get: “£20 to spend on accessories and gear when [you] purchase a OnePlus smartphone.”

I get: OnePlus points to the same value which can only be spent on OnePlus items in their store.


Accounting Software: Free Agent

My preferred software for invoicing and accounting for my little side business. Free Agent offers us both 10% off our subscription fees if you register using the link here.

Bank: Monzo

They offer 10 to both you and I when you open an account using this link here and use your card for the first time.

Online Discounts: Honey Coupon

A chrome add-on that automatically finds discounts, coupons, etc, and uses them to get discounts. Honey Coupon promises that we both get £5 if you register using the link here.


Shared travel in London: ViaVan

ViaVan offers us both get £12 in ride credits if you register using my link here.