Israel / Palestine Friendship Peace Pins


A friendship peace pin showing the Israeli and Palestinian flags.

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PLEASE NOTE: Delivery to the Isle of Man is expected in early December. I expect to be able to post them soon after.

On 7 October 2023, Hamas terrorists attacked residents of southern Israel in a shocking pogrom, and have repeatedly repudiated the idea of sharing the Middle East with Jews. As part of the biggest murder of Jews in a single day since the Holocaust, a rampaging horde of terrorists attacked:

  • A music festival for peace, where they murdered hundreds and raped women besides the bodies of the women’s friends.
  • Various rural villages (“kibbutzim”) where they murdered hundreds more, including killing a pregnant woman, cutting her open, and desecrating the body of the dead unborn child.

These friendship peace pins symbolise a rejection of Hamas’ terrorist ideology, and endorse the idea of living in peace with neighbours. Show your support for the battle against terrorism with a friendship peace pin showing the Israeli and Palestinian flags.

The rough costing behind these pins are: £1.20 to be manufactured and shipping to Isle of Man. £0.30 for customs duty to import to IOM from production in Germany. £0.25 for payment processing. £0.40 for individual packaging. £1.51 for postage to the Isle of Man and United Kingdom, higher rates to Europe and elsewhere. These pins have been commissioned by Michael Josem and are being re-sold at the cost of delivery and production. Michael is not receiving any profit from these items.