Mac and Wild, Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia in inner London is home to a great range of interesting and fun restaurants, many with interesting gimmicks and efforts to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Mac and Wild is building a strong reputation as being based upon more than just a gimmick, but rather, demonstrates a comprehensive to sustainably reared and produced Scottish produce. Each menu features a map of Scotland, showing where … Continue reading Mac and Wild, Fitzrovia

Man Accused of Manslaughter Cashes in World Series of Poker

A man accused of manslaughter in Florida, Paul Senat, has finished in 70th place in the 2017 WSOP Main Event, cashing for $101,444.  Senat, who has pled not guilty to manslaughter charges, is accused of firing a semi-automatic rifle through the wall of Sugar Daddy’s Adult Cabaret in Palm Beach, Florida, on 21 April. The victim, Darryl Rudolph, is the father of promising young NFL … Continue reading Man Accused of Manslaughter Cashes in World Series of Poker

My Questions for Interviewing Housemates

I had to interview some potential housemates the other day – it was the first time I’d ever needed to do this, so I did some research into what other people recommended asking.  Rather than just deleting my questions since I don’t need them any more, I thought others might one day benefit from these ideas. In the process of actually conducting the interviews, we … Continue reading My Questions for Interviewing Housemates

Australia Day is a Day to be Proud: in Australia and these Isles

While I participated in a recent conversation about Australia Day on a local radio station in the British Isles, a listener asked a common but offensive question: “Is Australia Day a celebration of the genocide of Australian Aboriginals?” The question is pretty terrible on two levels: firstly, it reveals an ignorance of what Australia Day celebrates literally, and secondly, it reveals an offensiveness of what … Continue reading Australia Day is a Day to be Proud: in Australia and these Isles

On Turning German

Technically, I didn’t “just turn” German. Theoretically, under German law, I was German from the time I was born, by virtue of being born to a parent who was German. When I picked up the certificate earlier this week, I was simply obtaining the paperwork which is somewhat analogous to getting a birth certificate. The citizenship certificate, like a birth certificate, merely documents what already … Continue reading On Turning German

Disappointment in a Burger

I’ve had the pleasure of eating some outstanding burgers in my life (Bad Egg; Bleecker St). I’ve had some terrible burgers in my life (I’ll leave them nameless here). I’ve had some surprising burgers (Almost Famous) but never before have I had such disappointment in a burger as at Lockhouse. I was excited because they had allegedly won the UK National Burger Awards earlier in … Continue reading Disappointment in a Burger

Predictions of Brexit Doom

Before (and immediately after) the Brexit referendum, a number of “experts” made various predictions: On 21 January 2016, Adam Posen, a former member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee warned, “A “no” vote in the European Union referendum runs a serious risk of pushing Britain back into recession.” On 27 April 2016, the OECD said, “From the moment of a Brexit vote until … Continue reading Predictions of Brexit Doom