Redundancy and safety

When Apollo 15 returned to Earth from the Moon, three parachutes were supposed to retard the speed of the module containing the astrodnauts. One of the parachutes failed – but because the design included an extra parachute, all the astronauts landed safely. As we have seen in recent months, sometimes things can get damaged. Unusual […]


Isle of Man Government’s April Unemployment Numbers are Wrong

The Isle of Man Government has just released unemployment numbers for April 2020. These numbers from the Isle of Man Government are simply nonsense numbers. They have used a bad methodology which undercounts the true number of unemployment people on the Isle of Man.

Let Alice hug her grandchildren if she wants

In 2020, our hypothetical Alice faces another pair of risks: the risk of her cancer, and the risk of contracting coronavirus. Those are deep and dangerous risks – either could kill her.

As a result, Alice needs to manage her behaviour. She needs to make choices – and different Alices, who face the same set of facts, might make different choices.