Pattern Recognition

Statistics, and randomness, are, I think, two of the most poorly understood subjects in our society, and it’s poorly understood because truly understanding this stuff runs directly contrary to billions of years of evolution. In short, our brains are hard wired to identify patterns quickly, and rely upon those judgements. If our forebears saw a lion running quickly towards us, they needed to very quickly … Continue reading Pattern Recognition


Michael has recently moved to Sydney to join PokerStars, leaving politics behind. He now is working to catch people who try to cheat at online poker as a member of the PokerStars Game Security Team. In 2008, during his trip to the World Series of Poker, he was interviewed by US 60 Minutes about his role in detecting cheating in online poker. It is available … Continue reading 2008

Action Flop Myths

A common myth is that there are such things as “Action Flops”. There are a number of reasons that this is impossible at many online poker sites, but the idea of “Action Flops” is self-contradictory. One person describes Action Flops as: The Action Flop Theory states that pros lose more often than they should to keep the newbs in the game. It supports the theory… … Continue reading Action Flop Myths