Many people work for companies that they have moral quandries about. I am very pleased with the non-gambling companies I’ve worked with in recent years, and have enjoyed working to help empower low paid building workers to earn more money on building sites, and various other businesses. Everyone who works for an online gambling site needs to confront a whole series of very serious moral challenges, and I enjoy not needing to confront such issues today.

I am not inclined to judge how other people reconcile such issues. They are complicated, they are hard, and they apply at different levels.

All that I can say on that is in the many years since I ceased working in the online gambling world, I am deeply happy to be absolutely certain that no one has committed suicide as a result of my work (indeed, I’ve hopefully mitigated the risk of such things). When I worked in the online gambling world, I did not have such certainty.

Update, 21 February 2023: Corrected a spelling error in the title, and I think the last two paragraphs were adjusted due to conflicted versions saved in my browser.