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Back on March 2:

Three weeks later, on March 22:

Further, in recognition of the disruption caused by the Government’s Stay at Home request on the weekend of 27 February, and the ensuing loss of supplies that this meant for many businesses in the hospitality sector, a grant of £250 per eligible business who closed towards losses over the weekend of 27 – 28 will be made available.

Further Financial Support Announced for Those Impacted by Circuit Break Lockdown

Now, this £250 is a tiny amount, and is almost insulting relative to the losses suffered by businesses which did the right thing on Saturday 27 February. But for some tiny businesses, this might be sufficient.

Converts are always welcome, and it is good that the Isle of Man Government has belatedly changed their tune on this – but rather than a tiny flat payment of £250, it would be better if such compensation was made in accordance with the harm suffered.