A mosquito
A mosquito Credit: Tom

In any rational ranking of the world’s biggest crises facing in the world, malaria is in the top five1. The World Health Organisation says:

Each year, more than 400 000 people die of malaria – a preventable and treatable disease. An estimated two thirds of deaths are among children under the age of five.

World Malaria Report 2020

On Saturday, I shared a some news about how new vaccines are likely to combat a variety of diseases. And now, more good news on the front against malaria:

Two years on from the launch of a pilot programme, more than 1.7 million doses of the world’s first malaria vaccine have been administered in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, benefitting more than 650 000 children with additional malaria protection.

RTS,S malaria vaccine reaches more than 650 000 children in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi through groundbreaking pilot programme

The future is going to be better than today!

  1. I think the other four would probably be from amongst child nutrition; access to clean cooking fuels for developing nations; de-worming children; access to primary education (especially for girls!); gendered violence; and reducing food prices and the risk of famine.