You’ve been referred to this page because someone thinks you have an issue to resolve with an online gaming brand.

After working in the industry for around a decade, for brands such as PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and 138.com, I have some level of experience of working with these companies, and how they typically operate. However, despite no longer working for PokerStars or any associated brands, I continue to be contacted by people who have various issues with that company and others.

This page is intended as a way to help you to resolve your issue with any online gaming brand in the first instance, and to give you alternative options to find appropriate satisfaction.

  • In the first instance, if you are unhappy with their initial decision, contact them directly, and let them know why.
  • If, after directly explaining your point of view, you continue to have a dispute, ask for the issue to be escalated for re-review.
  • Some companies, such as the Stars Group (owner of PokerStars etc.) employ a player advocate. You can ask for your issue to be escalated for review by that staff member of theirs.
  • Many legitimate gaming sites operate under license from Governments where their servers are located. If you continue to be unhappy, you can approach the regulator with your concerns. You can obtain the contact details either by searching on the internet, or by asking the gaming site to give them to you.
  • If (4) is not an option, or does not satisfactorily resolve your concern, you may be able to consider taking legal action. Please consult a professional legal adviser for further assistance with this.

Ideally, one of the steps above will resolve your concern, and you will be happy. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact Michael Josem, who can review your situation and provide case-specific advice.

If you want to go down this path, here’s what will happen:

  1. You need to assemble the correspondence that you have had with the online gaming site so far
  2. You will email the documentation that you have assembled to michael@michaeljosem.com in ONE email. Ideally as an attachment or similar.
  3. You will send £50 to gbp@michaeljosem.com via PayPal. Alternatively, you can send $US70 via PayPal to usd@michaeljosem.com
  4. Michael will spend up to one hour reviewing your situation. This will include reading the documentation provided, and conducting other research as appropriate.
  5. Michael will reply to your concern via email. He will provide his personal assessment of the likely outcome, and provide advice on how he thinks it would be best for you to proceed. He will use his judgment to provide his personal advice on the situation. This will not be professional legal advice (he’s not a lawyer) but rather, will be based on his experience of working for a decade in this industry.


Michael Josem