The Frustrations of this Debate

One of the frustrations of the ‘discussion’ about the randomness of online poker is the ‘hit and run’ strategy of many critics. Various people come along, make unfounded claims about bizarre international conspiracy theories, have their theories comprehensively debunked, then never actually admit that they’re wrong… instead, they just create another falsehood and spread it like gospel. The problem is that many (but not all!) … Continue reading The Frustrations of this Debate

How to PROVE online poker shuffling is fair

Many people who doubt the integrity of online poker have variations on a simple theory – that the flop, turn and river cards are fiddled to favour particular players. Let me explain a way to make such ‘rigging’ impossible. As you might know, there are two possible ways for a computer to shuffle a deck: a) Static Shuffle – Just like in a live casino, … Continue reading How to PROVE online poker shuffling is fair

Human Understanding of Randomness

Statistics, and randomness, are, I think, two of the most poorly understood subjects in our society, and it’s poorly understood because truly understanding this stuff runs directly contrary to billions of years of evolution. In short, our brains are hard wired to identify patterns quickly, and rely upon those judgements. If our forebears saw a lion running quickly towards us, they needed to very quickly … Continue reading Human Understanding of Randomness